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Autodesk Inc., in a continuing effort to provide high quality products, has released this cumulative Autodesk Vault 2018.2 Update for Autodesk Vault Basic 2018, Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2018, and Autodesk Vault Professional 2018. The update addresses a variety of issues pertaining to these releases.

Autodesk Vault 2018.2 Update – Release Notes:

Vault 2018.2 Update continues the focus on improving quality and more efficient workflows. The Job Processor enhancements make it easier for administrators to manage and display more information on the jobs in the queue. Community ideas have been implemented addressing requests that help users in day to day workflows inside of Vault.

– Job Processor Enhancements
Starting with Vault 2018.2, the Job Processor no longer uses a full version of Inventor to process jobs. Instead, it uses Inventor Server, a headless version of Inventor, to process jobs. The use of Inventor Server removes the need to purchase and use an additional Inventor license and removes the need to install a full version of Inventor along with the Vault Client. The enhancements includes improved error handling and messages as well as faster processing of Jobs.
– The Job Queue Interface
The Job Queue dialog has also been enhanced with the Vault 2018.2 Update. The dialog is now modeless which gives the administrator the ability to open the queue and minimize the dialog while continuing to work with the Vault client. In the dialog, you can customize the grid and add more user-defined properties. Right-click on any job to see the new option, Go To Folder, which when clicked takes you to the file associated with the job.
– Customer Requested Improvements
The Vault team continues to listen to the voice of the customer through the Ideas Forum, the Beta forum, and webinars to understand the challenges users face using Vault. The voices influenced the following productivity enhancements with the Vault 2018.2 Update.
– File Sort Enhancements
The Vault client now displays the file names in a natural sorting order matching how Windows Explorer, making it easier to find files by name.
– Save to Vault
The Save to Vault button is on the Plot Manager’s toolbar by default.
– AutoCAD – Date or Date & Time
With this new option, users have the option to show the Date values without the Time when they place the Date property in an AutoCAD drawing.
– AutoCAD – Multi-select Support in Open/Attach Dialog
In the Vault 2018.2 Update, users can select multiple AutoCAD DWGs in Attach From Vault Dialog.
– Send a Thin Client Link Through Email
After selecting files in the Vault client, selecting File -> Send -> Send Link. The email created by this command includes a URL link for Thin Client users.
– PDF Publishing Enhancements
Customize PDF file names using the parent files UDP values. Vault Ideas forum post: PDF Publishing – Using Vault UDP to create the PDF File Name

About Autodesk Vault. Autodesk Vault data management software is specifically written to help companies and professionals involved in BIM, construction, engineering or digital prototyping workflows effectively manage their design data.
With model centric design approaches now becoming the norm, the need for business to effectively collaborate, manage and track an ever increasing amount of digital data is becoming increasingly important and for many projects is a pre-requisite.
Autodesk Vault delivers a powerful set of data management tools with direct links from raw CAD data which can then be made available to the global enterprise and non- CAD users where required, including integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook (and other office applications) and also external ERP systems.
Autodesk Vault is available in a variety of versions to meet the differing needs of individual company’s data management requirements.
These include:
– Vault Basic which allows you to organise, manage and track data creation, simulation and documentation
– Vault Professional which allows you to integrate advanced functionality and features with business applications
– Vault Workgroup which allows you to scale up to multi-site installations and wider scale sytem intergration.
Managing vast amounts of data, delivery of complex projects and working in teams often generates a number of challenges which may lead to errors or cause a project to miss essential milestones, but many of these challenges can easily be overcome simply by implementing Autodesk Vault as your data management solution.

About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone—from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk Vault Products
Version: 2018.2 Update
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / Windows Server 2012 (R2) or 2016
Software Prerequisites:*
Autodesk Inc .在持续努力提供高质量产品的过程中,已经发布了2012年Autodesk Vault升级版,2018年Autodesk Vault,Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2018,Autodesk Vault Professional 2018。该更新解决了有关这些发行版的各种问题。

Autodesk Vault 2018.2更新-发布说明:

Vault 2018.2更新继续关注提高质量和更有效的工作流程。作业处理器的增强使管理员能够更容易地管理和显示更多关于队列中作业的信息。社区思想已经被实现,以满足用户在日常工作中在保险库中工作的请求。

从2018.2 Vault开始,作业处理器不再使用完整版本的发明者来处理作业。取而代之的是,它使用发明者服务器,一个无头版本的发明家,来处理工作。使用发明人服务器无需购买和使用额外的发明者许可,并移除需要安装一个完整版本的发明者和保险库客户。改进包括改进的错误处理和消息以及更快的作业处理。
工作队列对话框也被提升到Vault 2018.2的更新。该对话框现在是modeless,它使管理员能够在继续与保险库客户机一起工作时打开队列并最小化对话框。在对话框中,您可以自定义网格并添加更多的用户定义属性。右键单击任何作业以查看新选项,转到文件夹,当单击该文件夹时,将把您带到与该作业相关联的文件。
默认情况下,Save to Vault按钮在Plot Manager的工具栏上。
– AutoCAD -日期或日期&时间
– AutoCAD -在打开/附加对话框中的多选择支持
在Vault 2018.2更新中,用户可以从Vault对话框中选择多个AutoCAD DWGs。
在Vault客户端选择文件后,选择File -> Send – >发送链接。该命令创建的电子邮件包含瘦客户机用户的URL链接。
– PDF发布增强
使用父文件UDP值定制PDF文件名称。Vault思想论坛发帖:PDF发布-使用Vault UDP创建PDF文件的名称

Autodesk Vault。Autodesk Vault数据管理软件是专门为参与BIM、construction、engineering或digital prototyping工作流的公司和专业人员编写的,有效地管理他们的设计数据。
Autodesk Vault提供了一套功能强大的数据管理工具,可以直接从原始的CAD数据中获取信息,这些数据可以在需要时向全球企业和非CAD用户提供,包括与Microsoft SharePoint、Outlook(以及其他办公应用程序)的集成,以及外部的ERP系统。
Autodesk Vault提供多种版本,以满足不同公司的数据管理需求的不同需求。
– Vault基础,允许您组织,管理和跟踪数据的创建,模拟和文档
– Vault专业,允许您集成高级功能和功能与业务应用
– Vault工作组允许您扩展到多站点安装和更大规模的系统集成。
管理大量的数据,提供复杂的项目和工作在团队常常产生许多挑战,可能会导致错误或导致项目错过重要的里程碑,但许多这些挑战可以很容易克服仅仅通过实现Autodesk Vault作为数据管理的解决方案。


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