Learn Squared – Hard Surface Modeling with Kirill Chepizhko

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Hard Surface Modeling

– Kirill Chepizhko

– Wokkie Gort

Concepting in 3D has never been easier. Bring function and purpose to your designs using Fusion 360 under the guidance of industry veteran Kirill Chepizhko. Following this professional pipeline, you’ll learn valuable techniques to help land your first gig.

Lessons in this Course
Software Used: Fusion 360, Adobe Photoshop, Keyshot 6

Intro to CAD

Learn to wrap your brain around the foundations of computer-aided design, otherwise known as CAD. In this lesson, Kirill will give you a crash course in Fusion 360, and show you how to use the basic tools and workflows necessary to get your project started on the right path.

Modeling Props

Dig deeper into the toolsets of Fusion 360 and use them to start crafting complex props of your own. Kirill will teach you how to break down real-world objects with overpaints, to help you reimagine them as objects constructed in CAD.

Complex Systems

Many objects are more complex than they may appear at first glance. Here, Kirill will teach you how to add greater detail to your props, test them in motion, and assemble multiple parts into a cohesive whole by wrapping things up in Fusion 360.

Finalizing Your Project

Once the modeling process is complete, our goal is to create several portfolio-ready final images. To wrap things up, Kirill will show you his rendering and post production process in both Keyshot and Photoshop so you can present your project to the world.

——Kirill Chepizhko


3D的概念从来都不容易。在工业经验丰富的基里尔·切皮兹科的指导下,利用Fusion 360,为你的设计带来功能和目的。遵循这条专业的管道,你将学到有用的技术来帮助你的第一份工作。

软件使用:Fusion 360,Adobe Photoshop,Keyshot 6


学会用计算机辅助设计的基础来包装你的大脑,也就是CAD。在本课中,Kirill将为您提供Fusion 360的速成课程,并向您展示如何使用必要的基本工具和工作流,以使您的项目走上正确的道路。


深入了解Fusion 360的工具集,并利用它们开始制作你自己的复杂道具。Kirill会教你如何用超绘来打破现实世界的物体,帮助你把它们重新想象成CAD中构造的物体。


许多物体比乍看上去更复杂。在这里,Kirill将教你如何在你的道具中添加更大的细节,在运动中测试它们,并将多个部分整合成一个连贯的整体,将其包装在Fusion 360中。


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