FlexLogger 2018 R1 Early Access Release

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National Instruments (NI), the provider of solutions that enable engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, announced FlexLogger 2018 R1 Early Access Release. Use FlexLogger EAR to configure a CompactDAQ measurement system to acquire, visualize, and log sensor-based data.

About National Instruments. Since 1976, National Instruments has equipped engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. NI’s graphical system design approach to engineering provides an integrated software and hardware platform that speeds the development of any system needing measurement and control. The company’s long-term vision and focus on improving society through its technology supports the success of its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Product: FlexLogger Early Access Release
Version: 2018 R1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : http://www.ni.com
Language: english, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Korean
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 or newer

为工程师和科学家解决世界上最大的工程难题提供解决方案的国家仪器公司(NI)宣布了FlexLogger 2018 R1的早期接入版本。使用FlexLogger EAR配置CompactDAQ测量系统来获取、可视化和记录基于传感器的数据。


版本:2018 R1
支持的操作系统:Windows 7甚至SP1或更新
exFLoEaA18R1: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1gfq4JFP 密码: rvrf
VIA.Package.Manager.2017: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bH3aoA 密码: 6rz3
LW.RTime.Engine.2015: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bpwc7oj 密码: ips9