Sigmetrix Cetol 6σ v9.1.0 for SolidWorks

Sigmetrix has presented Cetol 6σ version 9.1.0. This tolerance analysis software provides product development teams with the insight required to confidently release designs to manufacturing.

What’s new in version 9.1.0:

– Tools for Managing Assembly States
When working with a model that includes multiple assembly states, it is possible to make changes that adversely affect the inactive assembly states. There are two new tools available for helping you to understand and manage the assembly states in your model:
. Components and joints included in the active assembly state have a special icon decoration that indicates when they are also included in an inactive assembly state. For example, a shared joint may have this icon: .
. There is a notification that pops up when you make a change that affects an inactive assembly state. (Experienced users can disable this notification in the application Options, on the Modeling tab.)
These tools help you to avoid making inadvertent changes to an inactive assembly state.
– Improved Add Object UI and Workflows
The user interface for Add Joint, Add Measurement, and Add Dimension has been updated to be consistent with the corresponding properties views. The workflows for these functions have also been improved so that the fewer mouse clicks are required.
– New Advisor Tests for Fastener Joints
Clearance around fasteners and other similar conditions (e.g., shaft in hole) is often an important consideration. There are now informational messages for joints with a clearance condition that is ignored and for non-centered joints where there is a potential interference.
– More convenient access to tutorial videos
The application now includes a built-in video player and the tutorial videos are hosted from a video streaming service that does not require any login credentials. This makes accessing and viewing the tutorial videos much more convenient.
– Improved Integration with the SOLIDWORKS User Interface
CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS has been updated to take advantage of the recent improvements in the SOLIDWORKS user interface, including:
. Support for multiple icon sizes in the CommandManager and toolbars
. Support for multiple icon sizes in the FeatureManager
. Menu access to all commands
. Support for keyboard shortcuts for all commands
Sigmetrix Cetol 6σ version 9.1.0 for SolidWorks

About Cetol 6σ. Sigmetrix’ CETOL 6σ, the premier variation and tolerance analysis technology in SOLIDWORKS, provides a level of design control and system insight previously not available. This added insight is critical for developing products that are robust in order to exceed Quality standards over the life of the product. That newly-exposed design knowledge, enabled by CETOL 6 Sigma, helps to maximize product performance and minimize liability risk that could unknowingly be introduced because of manufacturing part variation.

CETOL 6σ uniquely combines geometric, mathematic, and kinematic modeling with automated variation analysis and GD&T simulation to provide a precise yet comprehensive level of understanding that is only available with CETOL 6σ. Combined with the ability to easily analyze the performance of the assembly through its entire tolerance range, CETOL 6σ gives you and others in Design, Manufacturing, Quality, etc. the ability to actually visualize, through animation, the potential impact that manufacturing and assembly process variation have on the performance and robustness of a product.

By using CETOL 6σ GD&T tools during the visualization process companies reduce costs of manufacturing, improve product robustness, and provide product assemblies which meet brand expectations.

About Sigmetrix. Sigmetrix is a group company of Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. In 1999, PTC selected CETOL 6σ as its preferred tolerance analysis solution. In 2002, Sigmetrix became a Dassault Systèmes Gold Partner providing a fully-integrated version for CATIA named CETOL 6σ CAA V5-based. In 2008, Sigmetrix finalized the integration and partnership with SOLIDWORKS and was named to their Certified Gold Partner Product Program in 2015. Sigmetrix introduced a complete solution that has provided the ability to integrate with three of the leading Mechanical CAD systems, CETOL 6σ for PTC Creo, CETOL 6σ for CAA V5 and CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS.

Product: Sigmetrix Cetol 6σ
Version: 9.1.0 build
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: The same OS for the version of software that you are using.
Software Prerequisites: SolidWorks 2016 SP1 – 2017 SP0


9.1.0 Sigmetrix提出了Cetol 6σ版本。这种公差分析软件为产品开发团队提供了自信地发布产品设计所需的洞察力。


SolidWorks 9.1.0 Sigmetrix Cetol 6σ版本

关于Cetol 6σ。Sigmetrix CETOL 6σ,SOLIDWORKS总理变异和公差分析技术,提供了一个水平的设计控制和系统了解以前不可用。这增加了对开发产品的洞察力,这些产品在产品的使用寿命上超过了质量标准。新暴露的设计知识,由CETOL 6 Sigma启用,有助于最大限度地提高产品性能,并将可能因制造部件变化而不知不觉地引入的责任风险最小化。

CETOL 6σ独特的结合了几何、数学和运动学建模与自动变化分析和GD&T仿真提供一个精确而全面的理解水平,只有与CETOL 6σ。结合能力分析装配的性能通过其整个容差范围,CETOL 6σ给你和其他人在设计、制造、质量、等实际想象的能力,通过动画、制造和装配过程变化的潜在影响产品的性能和鲁棒性。

通过使用CETOL 6σGD&T工具在可视化过程中公司降低生产成本,提高产品的健壮性,并提供产品总成满足品牌期望。

关于Sigmetrix。Sigmetrix Cybernet系统有限公司是一个集团公司,有限公司,1999年,PTC选择CETOL 6σ作为其首选的公差分析的解决方案。2002年,Sigmetrix成为达索系统公司股价黄金合作伙伴提供一个基础版本CATIA名叫CETOL 6σCAA V5-based。在2008年,Sigmetrix完成了与SOLIDWORKS的整合和合作,并于2015年被命名为他们的认证黄金伙伴产品项目。Sigmetrix推出了一个完整的解决方案,提供了集成的能力有三个主要的机械CAD系统,对PTC Creo CETOL 6σ,CETOL 6σ为SOLIDWORKS CAA V5和CETOL 6σ。

产品:Sigmetrix Cetol 6σ
软件先决条件:SolidWorks 2016 SP1 – 2017 SP0