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Ricardo, a leading provider of technology, product innovation, engineering solutions and strategic consulting to the world’s automotive, transport and energy industries, announced the release Ricardo Software version 2017.1, which supports a wide range of design and analysis software products developed specifically for application during the powertrain development and vehicle integration processes.

Ricardo Software 2017.1 Release:

Product Highlights
We are releasing brand new post-processing software, RPOST, with standard and customizable templates, results versioning, and several features to help users create simple and complex analyses based on their simulation results. Initially, RPOST is available for IGNITE and in ASCII file format only. RPOST functionality will be available for our other Software tools during 2018. There are several usability enhancements in R-Desk, including improvements regarding the model’s input data with graphical visualization of tables and better control on the reset of individual values to default settings, and multiple model canvas improvements, such as orthogonal routing, connection snapping and model annotations. With the increase of the number of Hybrid and Electrical vehicles being designed and produced, new analyses challenges have arisen. Ricardo Software is constantly updating its toolset to cope with the addition of new technologies. For example, a series of improvements have been made including the addition of continuous zero-velocity sections enabling start-stop simulation and co-simulation, and updates to the systems level parallel hybrid controller to cope with different HEV architectures (P1, P2 and P3).

WAVE has moved to a modern graphical environment allowing the user to design virtual vehicle models with a user friendly GUI. Now, both of our fluids tools WAVE and VECTIS are working within a common interface which enables easier integration between our 1D and 3D toolsets, as is already the case with our systems tool, IGNITE. In addition WAVE has moved to R-Desk and we have developed a GT Power importer to enable full integration with our class-leading acoustics WAVE toolbox. There has been significative improvement in the usability of our real-time technology, WAVE-RT, with more accurate physics with crank-angle resolution, predictive combustion models and F1 technology. We have made our leading in-cylinder simulations using VECTIS even faster, more accurate with a stronger process chain through development of CAD repair and improved modelling in spray and combustion regimes. For under-hood simulation, our fastest and most predictable convergence rates have been achieved by improvements to meshing and solver solution control.

Significant improvements in our system modeling tool, IGNITE, are now available. A brand new Modelica Editor App with code completion, syntax and semantic error checking, correction suggestions, among other features are now available. The diverse range of modelling libraries has been increased with the adoption of seven Modelon libraries enabling users to extend the use of IGNITE to a wide variety of different industrial sectors and applications. Numerous model building enhancements have also been added or improved, including the ability to easy import and export Modelica user libraries or FMU, and co-simulation with Simulink.

There are many new features and improvements in our mechanical toolset that enable our customers to carry out complex analyses with better usability, such as state-of-the-art ovate spring models to predict durability, an oil aeration model to understand the impact on lubricated surfaces and improvements in accuracy on engine bearing analysis with the dynamic rod model. Further improvements in our NVH analysis capabilities have been added with the combination of vibratory loading from various sources.

For the full list of new and improved features, and fixed bugs please refer to the release notes located here
Product: Ricardo Suite
Version: 2017.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / RedHat / SLED / Ubuntu, GCC 5.1, X Font server




我们正在发布全新的后处理软件,RPOST,标准和可定制的模板,结果版本,和几个功能,帮助用户根据他们的模拟结果创建简单和复杂的分析。最初,RPOST仅用于点火和ASCII文件格式。RPOST功能将在2018年为我们的其他软件工具提供。在r – desk中有几个可用性增强,包括对模型的输入数据的改进以及对表的图形化可视化,以及对默认设置的单个值重置的更好控制,以及多个模型canvas的改进,如正交路由、连接捕捉和模型注释。随着混合动力汽车和电动汽车的设计和生产数量的增加,新的分析挑战也出现了。Ricardo软件不断更新其工具集以应付新技术的增加。例如,一系列的改进,包括连续的零速度段的加入,启动-停止模拟和协同仿真,以及对系统级并行混合控制器的更新,以应对不同的HEV架构(P1,P2和P3)。

WAVE已经移动到一个现代的图形环境中,允许用户使用友好的GUI来设计虚拟的车辆模型。现在,我们的流体工具和VECTIS都在一个通用接口中工作,这使得我们的1D和3D工具集之间的集成更容易了,就像我们的系统工具所使用的那样。此外,WAVE已经移动到r – desk,我们已经开发了一个GT电源输入器,以实现与我们的一流声学波浪工具箱的完全集成。我们的实时技术的可用性有了显著的提高,wave – rt,更精确的物理与曲柄角分辨率,预测燃烧模型和F1技术。我们使用VECTIS使我们的领先的缸内模拟更加快速,更准确,通过CAD的修复和改进的喷雾和燃烧系统建模。对于引擎盖下的模拟,通过改进啮合和求解器控制,我们实现了最快和最可预测的收敛速度。



系统要求:PC / Linux
支持的操作系统:Windows 7甚至更新/ RedHat / SLED / Ubuntu,GCC 5.1,X字体服务器
linux: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1c2jOZhY 密码: rqk9