Franzis CutOut 2018 Professional REPACK + Portable

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Perfectly cut difficult image motifs, mount them precisely and remove disturbing objects with a mouse click: that’s what CutOut 2018 professional does. Create perfect photomontages by releasing individual objects with a few mouse clicks and fitting them into another photo – as realistic as if you had taken your subject against this background.

+ NEW: simply replace the background layer directly
+ NEW: Individual icon sizes, 4k compatible
+ NEW: Incl. 100 professional backgrounds (via additional download)
+ Three individual matting methods for different motives
+ Chromakey technique for one-click cropping
+ Edge detection and special algorithms for transparencies, hair & co
+ Directly in Photoshop as a plug-in applicable

Exclusively in the Pro version
Save your cropped images in Adobe Photoshop format or use the built-in plug-in right away. Edit your images with the integrated full-fledged image editing. Your advantage: You only need one program for all tasks involved in image processing!

Includes Photoshop filter plug-in
Adherents of the Adobe Photoshop world also benefit from the improved cropping that is now possible with CutOut. Simply install the free built-in Photoshop Filter Plug-in and enjoy the convenience of cropping and creating cool photomontages.

New: Professional background management
New in the CutOut version 2018 is the management of the background. Not every photographer – not even professional ones – has the right background pictures needed for professional photomontages. In Cutout 2018 100 of these graphics are integrated!

Including complete image processing and file manager
CutOut 2018 professional is highly accurate and in most cases fully automatic, promised. If you still want to rework, you will surely find the suitable tool for the surgical cut-out in the extensive tool palette! Tools for portrait printing and exposure compensation are also available, as well as tools for area correction or distortion correction.

The portfolio is rounded off by integrated layer functions. In short, everything is on board, which ambitious photographers need to improve their images. Another image editing software is not necessary!

New in CutOut 2018 Professional:
– NEW: simply replace the background layer directly
– NEW: Individual icon sizes, 4k compatible
– Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop and Adobe® Photoshop Elements
– Segmented micro-cut edge detection for white background
– Chromakey Matting – Blue Screen Technology
– Inside / outside Matting
– Tools for improving the mask
– Contouring tool for precise quick selection
– Selectable user interface light / dark
– Extended sharpening
– Starlight / Gradient / Blur Filter
– Batch processing

Operating System:Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7


+新:Incl . 100专业背景(通过附加下载)
+ 3种不同动机的个体交配方法
+ Chromakey技术,一键裁剪
+边缘检测和透明的特殊算法,头发& co

用Adobe Photoshop格式保存裁剪好的图片,或者直接使用内置插件。编辑您的图像与完整的完整的图像编辑。您的优点:您只需要一个程序来处理所有涉及图像处理的任务!

Adobe Photoshop world的拥护者也从改良的裁剪中获益。只需安装免费的内置Photoshop过滤插件,享受裁剪的便利,创造出酷炫的照片。




——插件Adobe Photoshop®和Adobe®元素

操作系统:Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7