Adobe Photoshop基础教程

教学时长:1小时 6分钟 使用软件:Adobe Photoshop
This video will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop. There are five clips in the video:

Introduction. This first clip provides an overview to Adobe Photoshop and an explanation of Photoshop’s features available through menu options, tabs, panels, and pallets.
Example. The second clip applies much of the Adobe Photoshop functionality from the first clip to editing a photograph of a sunrise.
Formats. The third clip covers various file formats that can be manipulated by Adobe Photoshop and also covers additional functionality available in the tool.
Panels. The fourth clip covers the tools panel in Adobe Photoshop along with layers and masks.
Demo. The fifth clip provides a step-by-step demo of applying all of the Adobe Photoshop features to complete a particular project.

本视频将教你如何使用Adobe Photoshop。视频中有五个片段:

介绍。第一个剪辑提供了Adobe Photoshop的概述和Photoshop的功能说明,通过菜单选项,标签,面板和托盘。
的例子。第二段视频将大部分Adobe Photoshop的功能从第一个剪辑应用到编辑一张日出的照片。
格式。第三个片段涵盖了各种文件格式,这些文件格式可以由Adobe Photoshop处理,也包括工具中可用的附加功能。
面板。第四段视频覆盖了Adobe Photoshop中的工具面板以及图层和面具。
演示。第五个剪辑提供了一个循序渐进的演示,应用所有的Adobe Photoshop功能完成一个特定的项目。
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