Illustrator CC Creating Business Collateral

教程时长:54分钟 视频格式:MP4
Are you looking to design your business collateral? In this course, Illustrator CC Creating Business Collateral, you’ll learn the key tools necessary for creating your own materials for business in Illustrator CC. First, you’ll dive into the process of creating your document. Next, you’ll explore how to create shapes, sample colors, and place objects. Finally, you’ll discover how to format text, and maintain character and paragraph styles. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only be prepared to create your custom business collateral, but also create templates and output your files for print. Software required: Illustrator CC.

你想设计你的商业抵押吗?在这门课程中,Illustrator CC创建业务抵押品,您将学习在Illustrator CC中创建自己的业务所需的关键工具。首先,您将深入到创建文档的过程中。接下来,您将探索如何创建形状、示例颜色和放置对象。最后,您将发现如何格式化文本,并维护字符和段落样式。当您完成这门课程后,您不仅准备创建您的定制业务抵押品,还将创建模板并输出您的文件以供打印。软件要求:插画家CC。
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