Adobe Illustrator 基础教程

教程时长:30分钟 视频格式:MP4 文件大小:309MB
This video will increase your proficiency with Adobe Illustrator. There are four clips in this video series:

Overview. Set up Adobe Illustrator and learn about a number of core drawing concepts such as vectors and pixels.
Workspace. Explore all of the Adobe Illustrator functionality available through its user interface. Master art boards, creating documents, and image tracing. Also learn several important keyboard shortcuts.
Objects. Select, group, move, transform, draw, and color objects in Adobe Illustrator. Also practice with layering and 3D objects.
Exporting. Export documents from Adobe Illustrator.


本视频将提高你对Adobe Illustrator的熟练程度。这个视频有四个片段:

工作区。通过它的用户界面探索所有可用的Adobe Illustrator功能。精通艺术板材,创建文档和图像跟踪。还要学习几个重要的键盘快捷键。
对象。在Adobe Illustrator中选择、组、移动、转换、绘制和着色对象。也可以使用分层和3D对象。
出口。来自Adobe Illustrator的导出文档。
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