3ds max 灌木模型合集

使用软件:3ds max

REAL SHRUBS is a highly realistic 3D shrub model library for architectural visualization. The library includes 10 different shrub species, each with several model variations to ensure realistic looks. All models are available as 3Ds Max scenes with support for vray, Corona, Octane, Maxwell, FStorm and scanline. The GrowFX version includes additional scenes for further variation, editing and animation using the GrowFX plugin from Exlevel. Real Shrubs is available for 3Ds Max, FBX, OBJ and GrowFX (including all files form the 3Ds Max version).
真正的灌木是一个高度现实的三维灌木模型图书馆,用于建筑可视化。该图书馆包括10种不同的灌木树种,每一种都有几种不同的模型,以确保真实的外观。所有的模型都有3Ds Max场景,支持vray,Corona,辛烷,Maxwell,FStorm和scanline。GrowFX版本包括了更多的场景,用于进一步的变化,编辑和动画使用来自Exlevel的GrowFX插件。真正的灌木可以用于3Ds Max,FBX,OBJ和GrowFX(包括所有的3Ds Max版本的文件)。
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