Premiere Pro CC音频处理教程

教程时长:1小时10分钟 视频格式:MP4 软件要求:Adobe Premiere Pro CC。
Have you ever created an awesome video, but you didn’t have the audio skills to mix the soundtrack properly? If so, Premiere Pro CC Essential Sound is the perfect course for you because you’ll learn how to edit and mix various types of sound. First, you’ll learn how to record dialogue or narration directly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Next, you’ll edit, repair, and enhance dialogue in the Essential Sound Panel. Third, you’ll find and license music, as well as remix and edit it to the beat of the music. Next, you’ll learn how to add special effects to your audio. Finally, you’ll discover how to correctly mix and add ambience to give your sound atmosphere. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll not only have mixed an entire video promo soundtrack, but you’ll also have skills to begin mixing your own awesome soundtracks for both web and broadcast in the future. Software required: Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


你是否曾经创造过一个很棒的视频,但是你没有足够的音频技能来混合配乐?如果是这样,Premiere Pro CC Essential Sound是您的完美课程,因为您将学习如何编辑和混合各种类型的声音。首先,您将学习如何将对话或叙述直接录制到adoadpremiere Pro CC。接下来,您将编辑、修复并加强必要的声音面板中的对话。第三,你会发现和授权音乐,以及混音和编辑它到音乐的节拍。接下来,您将学习如何为您的音频添加特殊效果。最后,你将会发现如何正确地混合和增加氛围来给你的声音氛围。当你完成这门课程后,你不仅会把整个视频宣传片混合在一起,而且你还可以在未来的网络和广播中混合你自己的音轨。

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