Start an Online Business with your Photography

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Get Plenty of Ideas to Make Money Online via social networks (Facebook, Instagram..), websites, & other online platforms

If you are PASSIONATE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY (amateur or professional) and are wondering how you could MAKE MONEY ONLINE from this passion, then this course is just the right one for you. However, although I will be giving a few tips that I believe could increase your chances of selling via Stock Photography, this is NOT the focus we will be taking throughout this course. Instead, we will be looking into CREATIVE WAYS, that may appear less obvious at first, of earning a living out of Photography. These will include platforms such as FACEBOOK, WEBSITES, INSTAGRAM and much more…

To create this course, I have combined my interest for photography, the high number of examples I have gathered over time as well as my knowledge about Making Money Online – since I write blogs in both French and German on the subject. Personally, I am only an amateur when it comes to Photography, yet I myself have sold a couple of pictures online already.

Since I have now many ideas of how you could make a living out of Photography, I’ve decided to create this course! And if you had a hard time finding a project idea that may work, just get in touch via the Udemy Communication tools – I’ll be happy to brainstorm for you!


通过社交网络(Facebook、Instagram . .)、网站和其他在线平台,获得大量赚钱的想法



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