Making Games in Scratch 2.0


教程时长:3小时14分钟 视频格式:MP4
Scratch 2.0 allows anyone with no prior coding knowledge to make games. In this course, Making Games in Scratch 2.0, you’ll find yourself having just as much fun making games as you will playing them. This is the sequel to Pluralsight’s “Start Coding in Scratch 2.0” course. All the principles of coding learned in the first course will be put to use in this games course. With your knowledge of Scratch 2.0, you’ll make several exciting games. First you’ll create Fetch-bot, a collection game, DeBugs, a game where you try to get rid of as many bugs as you can in sixty seconds and Emoji-Pong for two, a game for two players. Next, you’ll create Robo-Eel, a tribute to the arcade game Snake and Emoji-Pong with Artificial Intelligence, a pong game against the computer Finally, you’ll wrap up the course by learning how to make Circuit-Breakers, a tribute to the arcade game Space Invaders, Gear Hunter, a collection and avoidance game, Planetoids, a tribute to the arcade game Asteroids, and Floppybot, a tribute to the famous app Flappy Bird. By the end of this course, you’ll have learned how to create many different types of games using no coding skills.


Scratch 2.0允许没有编程知识的人做游戏。在这个课程中,在Scratch 2.0中做游戏,你会发现自己玩游戏的乐趣和玩游戏一样多。这是Pluralsight的“Scratch 2.0开始编程”课程的续集。第一门课程的所有编码原则将会在本游戏课程中使用。随着你对Scratch 2.0的了解,你将会做一些令人兴奋的游戏。首先,你会创建一个fetch – bot,一个收集游戏,调试器,一个游戏,你可以尝试在60秒内摆脱尽可能多的错误,并且在两个玩家的游戏中使用emojipong两个游戏。接下来,您将创建Robo-Eel,归功于游戏蛇和Emoji-Pong人工智能,乒乓球游戏对电脑的最后,您将完成课程学习如何使断路器,归功于游戏太空入侵者,齿轮猎人,一个收集和避免游戏,小行星、对游戏的小行星,Floppybot,向著名的应用飞扬的鸟。到本课程结束时,您将学习如何创建许多不同类型的游戏,不使用编程技巧。

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