3ds Max 2018材质和纹理教程

教程时长2小时37分,带项目文件,视频格式 MP4,使用软件 3ds Max 2018

Have you ever wanted to create your own realistic or stylized materials in 3ds Max?
In this course, 3ds Max Shading and Texturing Fundamentals, you’ll dive into the material editor and material creation.
First, you’ll discover what a shader is. Next, you’ll explore procedural vs. bitmapped maps.
Then, you’ll learn how to create materials such as glass and wood.
Finally, you’ll cover working with the compact vs. the slate material editor.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create your own realistic materials and be very familiar with the material editor and it’s different modes. Although some aspects of this course are specific to 3ds Max 2018 (such as the Slate material editor) the rest of the course can be applied to any version of 3ds Max.
Software required: 3ds Max 2018


你有没有想要创造自己的现实的或在3 ds Max程式化的材料吗?
在本课程中,3 ds Max阴影和纹理的基本面,你会深入材质编辑器和物质创造。
虽然本课程的某些方面是特定于3 ds Max 2018(如板岩材质编辑器)其余的课程可以应用于任何版本的3 ds Max。


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