Unity 3D AR教程

教程时长1小时23分,带项目文件,视频格式MP4,使用软件 Unity 3D

Are your clients asking about augmented reality (AR) apps?
Do you have that one perfect idea for an AR iOS or Android app and don’t know where to start?
In this course, Unity AR Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to start producing AR apps in no time at all.
First, you’ll discover the use of your mobile devices internal sensors to create an underwater scene,
so you can become accustom to the interface and tools that are utilized. Next,
you’ll dive into creating an architectural AR app using a magazine cover to trigger a floating wireframe building,
and how to scan in a 3D object to use as an AR trigger. Then,
you’ll explore how to create an AR laser gun that leave blast holes in your office and a unique logo triggered AR system.
Finally, you’ll be introduced to C# scripts to help iron out the problems that arise during development.
When you’re finished with this course,
you’ll have six unique AR scenes all using different types of AR targeting and triggers that are launchable from a custom menu to show your clients.
Software required: Unity 3D.


接下来,您将深入创建架构基于“增大化现实”技术的应用使用一个杂志封面来触发一个浮动的线框图,以及如何扫描3 d对象作为一个基于“增大化现实”技术的触发器。


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