Lynda – Dynamo for Revit: Python Scripting

教程时长3小时8分,大小 503MB,带项目文件,使用软件 Python, Revit, Dynamo Studio

Info: Can’t find the Dynamo node you need? Python allows you to create powerful custom nodes that extend the functionality of Dynamo and Autodesk Revit.
Python scripting also allows for quicker,
more compact, and more efficient Dynamo workflows—which allow you to solve your Revit modeling challenges in smarter,
faster ways. This course introduces the Python programming language to designers who want to do more with Dynamo.
Learn the basics of Python data types, conditionals, and loops, before jumping into Dynamo’s Geometry library and the Revit API to make direct model updates with Python.
Instructor and BIM expert Jeremy Graham covers filtering elements, accessing parameters, and creating custom views—introducing powerful workflows that push the boundaries of this visual programming tool. Note: This course uses Dynamo 1. 3. 1 and Revit 2018.
For best results, it helps to have the same versions of the software.


信息:不能找到你所需要的发电机节点?Python允许您创建强大的定制节点,扩展功能的发电机和Autodesk Revit。
Python脚本还允许更快、更紧凑、更高效的发电机workflows-which Revit建模的挑战让你解决你的聪明,更快的方式。
学习基本的Python数据类型、条件和循环,跳进发电机的几何图形库和Revit API直接与Python模型更新。
注意:本课程使用发电机1。3所示。1和Revit 2018。为达到最佳效果,起到了相同的软件版本。