Unreal Engine 4,2D横版游戏教程

教程时长3小时12分,带项目文件,视频格式 MP4,语言:英语,使用软件 Unreal Engine 4

2D side scroller games continue to enjoy popularity with a time-tested formula of running,
jumping, and shooting through the fun obstacle course of long, horizontal game levels.
One of the great and easy ways to build these games is through the use of sprite art for all facets of the game.
In this course, Intro to 2D Side Scrollers in Unreal Engine,
you’ll be introduced to Unreal Engine’s easy and intuitive Paper 2D system,
and will explore ways to make the player and world come to life through a combination of sprite animations, environment tiles,
and Blueprint logic. First, you’ll delve into importing sprite art.
Then, you’ll discover how to to use it for both the player character and the game level.
Finally, you’ll learn how to bring it all together to create your very own game.
By the end of this course, you’ll have the fundamental knowledge to quickly create and animate new gameplay possibilities to fit within your 2D side scrolling design.
Software required: Unreal Engine 4.


2 d边照片卷轴游戏继续享有声望的经过时间考验的公式跑步,跳,通过有趣的障碍和射击的长,水平的游戏水平。
通过这门课的结束,你要快速创建新游戏和动画的基础知识可能适合你的2 d设计侧滚动。


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