3ds Max使用Arnold渲染医疗产品教程

教程时长1小时23分,大小 1.05GB,带工程文件,使用软件3ds Max,语言:外语

Info: 3ds Max—combined with its rendering engine, Arnold—can help you create dynamic content for the presentation of product ideas and concepts. In this course,
learn how to use 3ds Max and Arnold to create compelling product visualizations for medical devices.
Instructor Duane Loose starts by showing how to set up 3ds Max 2018 for Arnold rendering, and how to import CAD assets.
Duane then covers materials, how to build a material library, and how to light and render your scenes.
To wrap up, Duane discusses compositing and output, including how to leverage Photoshop and After Effects to prepare your imagery for marketing and promotional materials.


3 ds Max-combined渲染引擎,Arnold-can帮助您创建动态内容的演示产品创意和概念。
在本课程中,学习如何使用3 ds Max和阿诺德创建引人注目的产品可视化医疗设备。
教练杜安松开始通过展示如何设置3 ds Max 2018年阿诺德渲染,以及如何导入CAD的资产。


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