Rendering Volumes and Effects with Arnold and Maya

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Arnold is an industry standard rendering package which is used by many big studios across the globe. This course is going to provide you the knowledge of rendering “Volumes,” which includes the rendering of OpenVDB, n-Particles, Fluids, and Bifrost.

Have you ever wanted to render beautiful “Volumetric” images but are still looking for the appropriate knowledge and tools to accomplish your work? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, Rendering Volumes and Effects with Arnold and Maya, you’ll learn the complete process of “Volume” rendering using Arnold, which includes the rendering of n-Particles, Fluids, OpenVDB and Bifrost. Next, you’ll explore the rendering with a different set of examples that can help you in understanding the wider aspect of “Volume rendering” using Arnold. Finally, you’ll discover the Volume rendering along with shader network building and Arnold’s (AOV). When you are finished with this course, you’ll have a sound knowledge of rendering incredible volumetric images for your show-reels. Software required Maya 2018.


你是否曾经想要渲染漂亮的“立体”图像,但仍然在寻找合适的知识和工具来完成你的工作?如果是这样的话,这是你的完美课程。在这门课程中,你将学习阿诺德和Maya的绘制量和效果,你将学习使用Arnold的“Volume”渲染的完整过程,其中包括n粒子、流体、OpenVDB和Bifrost的呈现。接下来,您将使用不同的示例来探索呈现,这些示例可以帮助您理解使用Arnold的“体呈现”的更广泛方面。最后,您将发现与着色网络构建和Arnold’s (AOV)一起的卷呈现。当你完成这门课程的时候,你将会有一个良好的知识,为你的展示-卷轴绘制难以置信的容量图像。软件需要玛雅2018年。
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