Unity VR Fundamentals

教学时长:1小时28分钟 视频格式:MP4

Have you ever wondered how VR games are made? If so, Unity VR Fundamentals is the perfect course for you because you will become familiar with creating content for a variety of VR devices. First, you’ll explore how to design good content and environments for your VR world. Next, you’ll build that world, complete with art, sound, and VFX. Finally, you’ll make your work come to life with interactions from the user. When you’re finished with this Unity course, you’ll not only be able to create VR experiences, you’ll also understand what makes a VR experience enjoyable for the user. Software required: Unity.


你有没有想过VR游戏是如何制作的?如果是这样的话,Unity VR的基本原理对您来说是完美的,因为您将会熟悉为各种VR设备创建内容。首先,您将探索如何为您的虚拟现实世界设计好的内容和环境。接下来,您将构建这个世界,包括艺术、声音和VFX。最后,您将使您的工作与来自用户的交互成为生命。当你完成了这个统一课程后,你不仅能够创造虚拟现实体验,你也会明白什么让虚拟现实体验带给用户快乐。软件要求:团结。


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