教学时长:4小时6分钟 视频格式:MP4

Do you want to learn how to create large scale destruction effects in SideFX Houdini? If so, Houdini Architectural Destruction is the perfect course for you because you will learn how to simulate a high detailed destruction from scratch. First, you will start with some rigid body basics. Next, you’ll add complexity by fracturing geometry and adding constraint. Finally, you will learn how to add detail and render your effect. When you’re finished with this Houdini course, you’ll not only have created your first destruction effect from scratch, but also you will be able to apply that knowledge in creative ways in your own rigid body simulations. Software required: SideFX Houdini.

你想知道如何在SideFX Houdini中制造大规模的破坏效果吗?如果是这样的话,胡迪尼的建筑破坏对你来说是一个完美的过程,因为你将会学习如何从一开始就模拟一个高的详细的破坏。首先,你将从一些死板的身体基础开始。接下来,您将通过创建几何图形和添加约束来增加复杂性。最后,你将学习如何添加细节和渲染效果。当你完成了胡迪尼的课程后,你不仅会从头开始创造你的第一个破坏效果,而且你也将能够以创造性的方式运用这些知识在你自己的刚体模拟中。软件要求:SideFX胡迪尼。
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